Bommarillu – Individuality, Love and Family (Dedicated Article)

January 9, 2007

For those, who dont know what Bommarillu means its meaning is “The house of toys (or dolls)” and here i am talking about the recent Telugu movie release with this name.
People would think how did i understood Telugu movie, no i havent learnt the language yet (although am trying) but my friend Amareshwari pleasantly accepted to be my Translator. So this Article is Dedicated to Amareshwari not only for being my Translator but for suggesting such a good movie in the 1st place.

Somebody asked me what is the story of the movie, and my answer was, the story was good, nothing much excellent but its the way the story is told and the situations in between that make it worth watching (which is the case for many movies). Its the feeling that we get while watching(and after) the movie that is difficult for us to recreate for our friends by our narration.

This is not the review of the movie, so for those who hoped for it can stop reading here.
But its more about my views about the movie and what i liked in it.
The lead actors of Bommarillu are Siddharth (Karan/Bhagat Singh of Rang De Basanti) and Genelia D’Souza. Genelia has done a superb work in this movie.
She looks cute, her acting is good and also her character in this movie is very good. She is a care-free person, does what she likes without giving much thought how other people would interpret her actions.
She speaks a lot, is friendly to many people, bunks classes, jumps out of the bus before it stops, has fun in all situations, speaks what she feels and is innocent. Man, if only i could find a girl like her…

When she sees her cartoon on the college wall, catches the propable guy who has done that and asks her what is this, the guy is afraid but she continues that do i look like this, see my haristyle, and makes him to do some correction in the cartoon and she herself corrects some part as well 🙂

In one of the dialogue in the movie she says, “Sorry, i cant feign”
Siddharth, on the other hand is suffering from individuality crisis because his Father decides everything for him. What Shirt he would wear, what Career he should choose, which girl he should marry and even what shot he should play while playing Carroms. Father tells Siddharth to go to office 1 day with a file and give the instructions to the employees but before he reaches office, Father has called office and gave all the instructions. Whichever Dept. Siddharth visits, he feels so unwanted and frustrated.
The movie starts with Siddharth’s engagement to a girl of his Father’s choice because he doesnt have a reason to oppose. But then he meets Genelia, he gets inspired and loves her for what she is.
There are many beautiful instances in the movie showing their budding love, like Siddharth getting Kaleidoscope for Genelia, going for Ice-Cream at 2 in the night, etc.
They exchange numbers and make a code so that they can talk (It reminded me of my school days incidents 🙂 )
Notable scene: When they walk back to her house after eating ice-cream at night, she turns back and says “Oh, How would you go back home at this time, should i drop u?”
Siddharth’s father finds out about his budding love and explains him that now you are already engaged, but this time he Courageously argues for his point.
Siddharth: The girl is very good, and i have reasons to like her.
Father: And i have many reasons now not to like her.
Siddharth: But how can u not like her without knowing her.
Father: And how should i know her.
Siddharth: She would come and stay with us for a week and at the end of the week you can decide.

The Father agrees on this condition. While having dinner, when father asks whether your family knows that you are staying with us, Genelia answers no, Siddharth answers yes. Genelia explains that if her Father would have known he wouldnt have allowed her to stay here, so she had to make an excuse. Throughout her stay during those 7 days she is innocent and honest to the core.

When their family goes to attend 1 of Siddharth’s friend marriage, the fathers are standing in 1 group and the boys in the other group. The groom’s father complains that he is not happy with the marriage as his son just declared that he would marry this girl or run away from home. He asks is there any boy in the group who would come up to us and tell us that i like this girl and u please meet her and decide if I should marry her. Then Siddharth’s father looks at his son as he has done that.

While in the boys group, the boys are complaining that is there any father in that group to whom if we go and say that i like this girl, he would be ready to consider our choice, and then Siddharth looks at his father as he has done that.

So many times Siddharth would tell her not to do this, not to do that. He would go out and call her at his home so that they can talk privately and scold her for doing one thing or the other.
He would tell her “I love you” many times in those 7 days but will be sore as well for revealing his secrets to his family, like drinking and then cursing his father, for dominating him, for his engagement to a girl whom he doesnt like and borrowing loan from a bank to start his new business.
The Father having a dialouge with Siddharth’s mother tells her that “I used to think that the girl is the problem but now i think the problem is something else”
At the end of the 7th day when Father calls Siddharth for announcing his decision about Genelia in front of the family members, Genelia intervenes and announces that she doesnt want Siddharth anymore.
She says that Siddharth used to like that she talks a lot and enjoy her talks, but now he tells her not to talk about this or that, every-time he goes out for calling her is to scold her for talking about something or the other;
Siddharth used to like her because she used to do what she liked doing but now he tells her what to do and what not to do. She stays alone in her home but she never felt alone there, while staying in Siddharth ‘s family with so many people around she used to feel alone.

At the same time, the to be father-in-law of Siddharth is calling repeatedly to fix a marriage date and the Father asks Siddharth that what is he suppose to do. And then the argument between his Mother and Father breaks, which he tries to subside by saying that now since Genelia has left him, he can marry anyone. Whatever he does, Whatever he has is provided by his Father so there is nothing of him in himself its just the way his Father wanted to be. He loses to his father so that his father can be happy. When bringing Genelia to his house, he had told her that she would get a good family, but now he can tell that the family has missed a good person.
His Father can Hope that he should go to office, Hope that he should get married to the girl of his father’s choice but should not Hope that he would remain Happy.

In the end, the Father understands how his unknowingly dominating character has affected the psychology and behaviour of Siddharth and is the reason for his Frustration. The movie ends with Siddharth staying in Genelia’s house for 1 week for winning over her Father.

Amar also informed me that this movie was specailly screened for father-son groups and it got very good reviews. One of the father didnt use to allow Black colour shirt for his son but after watching the movie, bought a Black colour shirt of his son’s choice.

This movie shows that real growth and Happiness of the person lies in his individuality. Decisions and Choices can be forced to a person but not Happiness, that is what he chooses to be, others can only try and help.
Its also about having Trust in the future generation to take their own decisions and not control their actions, especially for Career and Marriage.
This reminds me of the article by Meghnad Desai where its discussed about Nehru’s view of State playing an active role for Industrialization in India, thinking that Government knew best and suppressing the talent of Entrepreneurs. And now that India’s economy is booming in Industries where State is not having much control. Unnecessary Control curtails the Growth.


Its not about the bike :) (ShivGanga trip)

November 21, 2006

As u might have guessed from the title of the blog that its taken from the famous book of Lance Armstrong, and so it does relate to bike (bicycle in India).

It was my 1st trip on bike, for a distance of about 45-50 km. And its difficult to express the feeling of exaltation that I (guess all who participated in this trip) had at the end of the day.

But now lets start it in the form of a story ie the Chronological account of the trip.

The trip was planned to a place called ShivGanga, 45-50 km from Bangalore on Saturday, 18th Nov, 2006. But as usual we had a movie screening in the Institute (IISc) on Friday Night and was late to room after the movie. And although we had a plan to start at 5am i couldnt sleep till 3am 🙂 Had to make a choice whether to start after full nightout (ie whether not sleeping at all) or to sleep for whatever time is left b4 starting the trip. But it was wise to decide for the latter as to get whatever little rest as possible and more importantly as i wont have to miss the trip as my frnd (Nayan) would wake me up 🙂

Enough of background; So as expected Nayan woke me up just b4 4.30am and we started the journey on our bikes at about 5.30am. We started with lot of energy and covered 12-14km in 40-45 mins and took our 1st break at Vishwa Shanti Ashram (the best part of going on bike, take as many breaks as u want)

Starting the trip- with Waterbottles and some Eatables

Starting the trip- with Waterbottles and some Eatables

About the Ashram: Enterance is from under the Chariot of Arjun with Sri Krishna as his Charioteer. The main hall has Statue of Vishnu in the middle with Granite on all the walls and verses of Geeta carved on them (in English, Kannada and Sanskrit)

Chariot acting as the entrance to the hall of Vishwa Shanti Ashram

But when we came out to Ashram, we found that 1 of the bike had puncture and so couldnt travel further immediately. Search for the nearby bicycle repair shop started which was some 3km away from the Ashram and was closed as the time wasnt even 8am. So waited for the shop to b open till 9.15-9.30 and enjoyed the village (had breakfast, bought more eatables for the journey).

Interesting was to discover that the bike hadnt got puncture and it had just lost the air. I was attending to my bike for checking the amount of air when “Hanumant” offered assitance and Nayan started to take snaps. Chintan and ChoMu got excited for the snaps and had a go at my bicycle and to test their effort with the HandPump. Just when i said that now its enough the tyre might burst it bursted. So lost some money for new tyre 😦 but it was fun and lucky part is we got our Guide(Madhu) at the Cycle shop.

Hanumant, Chintan & Chomu trying to assist me, finally ended up bursting the tyre

Madhu, resident of that village, helped us to communicate with the Cycle shop owner (by acting as Translator). And since he was free on that day he accompanied us to ShivGanga, and had been there twice earlier and once on Bike 🙂

On the way we found a huge tree, so decided to climb it.

The Huge Tree that we all managed to climb

We reached ShivGanga by 12.15pm.

ShivGanga has lot of ShivLings(108 on a side along with “Kund”) . The main temple has lot of stairs with some intermediate small temples on the way. But again, as we usually do there would been no fun in climbing by stairs so we trekked from the side on the path of Rocks and Thorny Bushes.

It was one of the long treks which took 3 hrs uphill (rarely it was flat) but the view from the top was worth all the effort and the breeze at the top was so refreshing that we couldnt feel tired. We were lucky to see the Rainbow and the distant rain from the top.

It wouldnt b fair if I miss to mention about the clever creatures(Monkeys) at ShivGanga. They try to loot the visitors of their belongings by tricks and even by trying to scare them. Dont do the mistake of eating anything in front of them or you would b chased till the end.

At 1 time, I and Nayan were even surrounded by 5-6 Monkeys who tried to loot us but somehow we managed to escape. At the very top there were Guards (Dogs) to chase the monkeys away. And our sharp guide(Madhu) managed to keep the guards with us for our full stay at the top. They even escorted us to and fro the boundaries 🙂

While returning down we took the stairs to save time and see the normal route. We visited a temple very near to the starting point (100 stairs) and discovered that there is a tunnel connecting ShivGanga directly to Bangalore. We were lucky to b allowed to see the enterance of the Tunnel and take snaps. The tunnel is now covered so its not easy to travel or even enter it now and it was so dark that we couldnt see anything inside the Tunnel. But with the help of good flash of the Digital Camera were able to take some snaps of the inside 🙂

While returning back the lack of rest on the previous day started to show its effect. Was hardly able to ride my heavy MTB Thriller and had to exchange it with BSA Mach. But we were able to reach our target of reaching back b4 9pm and to have food in the mess 🙂

This day would b 1 of the memorable days of life, as for the 1st time had almost 100km of Cycling in a day with 3-4hrs of Trek. This gave so much Confidence that when next day my friends invited me to their place (some 14-15kms from the Institute), i decided that this much distance can b travelled on the bike without break 🙂

There was lot of problem uploading the photos on this page but on Public Demand am uploading the photos at ImageStation and here is the link

Album uploaded to Image Station (Opens in new window)

Enjoy and awaiting new(& Fresh) Comments for the photos as well 🙂